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Benefits to Implementing a New Digital Transformation!

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Broader Data Collection & Feedback

Digital tools are available to streamline your data collection to better analyze your client information and internal numbers to find new growth opportunities. Digital Transformation creates new ways of associated data to provide insights into business operations across various touchpoints.

Improved Resource Management

Digital Transformation provides an improved user interface to manage all your information and resources in a more straightforward format. It integrates applications, databases, and software into a central repository of control that takes fewer people to manage and incorporate.

Insightful Customer Information

Data is the modern marketing research tool to gaining better insight into your client’s wants and needs. With greater insight into their desires, you can adjust your business strategy to maximize profits by leveraging structured and unstructured data.

Improved Customer Relations

Streamlining all your business processes improves your business efficiency, leaving your staff more time to focus on your clients’ needs. You’ll better anticipate your clients’ future product and service requirements that will translate into higher retention and optimization.

Collaborate Between Departments

By introducing a digital transformation into your business, you’ll be encouraging a digital culture. This will enable your staff and departments to feel more comfortable sharing information that is easy to understand so you can improve your company’s efficiency and save overhead. 

Maximize Profits

Companies that integrate new digital transformation into their systems save money. They find new efficiencies in their strategies to cut costs and increase revenue streams, ensuring their future growth and development.

Digital Transformation Roadmap - How Does it Work?

Here are the steps DigiOps takes to ensure your digital transformation smoothly integrates into your business system. We want to create an easy-to-understand road map of your journey so your staff can be fully on board through this process.

Step #1 Clearly Communicate Goals

Our team will listen attentively to your company staff to articulate the different goals you want to achieve through your digital transformation. We want to better understand your business’s unique characteristics and advantages so we can offer the highest quality digital tools to maximize your efficiencies. A clearly stated vision of this transformation will allow your internal and external teams to get on board together and move through this process faster.

Step #2 Developing a Strategy for Arriving at Those Goals

We will work together to build a timeframe that will involve incremental steps to reach your goals. The focus will be placed on the critical areas of your transformation to provide results that are clearly accessible to everyone in your company. The more they can see the effects, the more they will be motivated to help in this transformation.

Step #3 Key Activities to Arrive at Your Goal

We want to define those big blocks to your digital transformation that may require more effort. These activities represent the path your unique company will take to achieve its goals. We all know business processes can be challenging to modify, so we want to take the time and energy to ensure those processes still run smoothly as they adjust to new technology.

Step #4 The Different Milestones Along Your Journey

Your specific digital transformation journey should include milestones to help you and your staff measure where they are, where they are going, and how close they are to their goals. This will allow your company to understand its stage in the process to adjust faster and avoid change fatigue.

Digital Transformation by the Numbers

Digital Transformation
80 %

of all companies have already implemented some form of digital strategy

75 %

of transformations are funded through preexisting digital initiatives

70 %

of transformations are initiated by the senior leadership of a company to stay competitive.

40 %

of businesses anticipate spending more capital investment into digital transformation

Your Digital Transformation Roadmap Starts Today!

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What People Say

“We were losing clientele due to our competitors, and the only difference we could find was their ability to adjust to technology faster than us. After a short consultation with DigiOps, we were able to onboard new tools that reinvigorated our client base and kept the company afloat. Really great advice!”
Lillian Peters
Crossfire Productions, KY
“Running a small business is hard. I’m constantly competing with the bigger brands to seize any market share. DigiOps found a way for me to refocus my processes so I could better understand my clients. Now I’m able to offer better service for a lower cost than the big boys.”
Jennifer Shipps
Mountain Healthcare, Montana
“Whenever I asked my team for full data analysis of the previous quarter, I always had to wait forever to get the numbers. After speaking with DigiOps, we were able to initiate new data management tools that provided the numbers I need way faster. Now my team is more focused on new products and features instead of constantly running the numbers.”
Seth Grondin
Optec Industries, Halifax
“We are a tech company that didn’t think outside help could offer us any insight. It wasn’t until one of my managers suggested DigiOps that we found many new opportunities to offer complementary services, all because of the data management tools we received. Great company that I recommend to anyone looking to grow their company.”
Lucas Fartham
Portland Power, Maine

Got a Question? We've got answers.

This is still a relatively new term. The common understanding is that digital transformation is taking older, analog processes in a business and making them more efficient through new technological tools, digital skills, business models, or ideas.

More and more of the world’s economy is conducted online or in digital formats. To stay competitive, your company needs to be able to adapt to those technologies. Transforming effectively will allow your company to thrive above those that choose to be slow to adapt.

Yes! Nearly every industry across the board is rushing to engage new technologies to reduce costs and maximize profits. The scale of that technology integration may differ from industry to industry, but they all have to adapt.

No. There are always new ways to integrate digital transformation tools into your company regardless of age, industry, size, or processes.

There are several steps that we will develop and suggest for your individual company. You can expect new technology, tools, software, and platforms across your current infrastructure that will refocus your business strategy towards a better customer experience.

There may be some initial resistance among your staff to conducting these changes. That is why we suggest offering a clearly defined roadmap that is transparent across your company to better align everyone’s motivation to make this change possible.

The cost of your digital transformation will depend on several factors. We encourage you to speak directly with our staff to get a better idea of the budget constraints of this process. We price our services based on company size, scope, industry, availability of tools, and ease of integration.

Not at all. While there may be a learning period with new tools, your current staff and IT people understand your business better than anyone else. Our products are there to help support your company and team, not to remove their unique insights.

Our highly qualified staff will move through building a digital transformation roadmap by first learning everything they can about your unique business. They will then offer a budget and suggest some tools before providing a full report.

We want to meet your company’s needs with quality digital tools to improve your business strategies and maximize profits. Our initial consultation is completely free to ensure we can meet those goals before agreeing to any contracts. We want you to feel confident you are getting the quality service you need to grow.


Let us answer all your questions and concerns to make this process as smooth as possible so you can maximize profits and increase productivity for your business.