Proven RPA tools to carry out error-free tasks that reduce your business costs and improve your efficiencies

We utilize the latest in RPA bot technology to help automate repetitive, computer-based processes

RPA Benefits to Grow and Develop Your Business!

Join the digital transformation sweeping the business world and integrate the competitive advantage of RPA into your company.

Acceptability & Scalability

RPA solutions integrate into your business IT infrastructure quickly with low friction. The bots are designed to be auto-scaled by simple duplication and reprogramming that is easier to implement than having to spend time retraining a human team.

Increased ROI

Your business will realize a quick ROI after the initial investment. Our consultation explains how your business will develop a sizable performance advantage that translates to higher returns with lower expenses.

Cost Saving

RPA tools save your business operating expenses by lowering the costs required to complete mundane tasks and decreasing human error. As a result, RPA is far less expensive than a human staff on a task-by-task basis, multiplied as the technology is implemented across your business systems.

High Accuracy

RPA grants your business faster and continuous facilities that operate a full 24/7. This service drastically reduces human error and increases data reliability for your improved analysis.

Improved Efficiency & Resource Management

Frees human staff from the tedious, low-value daily operation tasks to refocus on higher value and revenue-generating processes. This reduces errors and boosts productivity by programming bots to take over a more significant number of routine tasks.

Increased Insights & Customer Satisfaction

RPA tools provide automated services that allow you to attain greater brand perception through data review of internal processes and passing on results for increasing customer satisfaction levels.

RPA by the Numbers

We understand what matters most for automating your business systems. Here is some clear evidence in the Cost-Benefit Analysis of RPA integration.

35- 65 %
Reduction of Onshore Operational Costs
10- 30 %
Reduction of Offshore Delivery Expenses
53 %
of Brands Have Already Integrated RPA Solutions into their Business Operations
45 %
of most Business Tasks can be Automated by an RPA Integration

Increase Productivity, and Decrease Operating Costs by Introducing RPA Tools and Modern Technology into your Business Systems

Develop the systems necessary to staying competitive in the modern business world through RPA technology.



The proven industry tool that automates repetitive office tasks to drastically transform your business. This software package includes quick end-to-end high-scale automation. Ui Path is a reliable, fast, intelligent, and robust solution to automated handling of various IT tools.

Blue Prism


This RPA tool improves your business efficiency by automating clerical back-office processes to replace human workers. It reinforces your already experienced team with a digital workforce agile to handle manual, rule-based, repetitive processes with fewer errors.


Automation Anywhere

One of the most popular RPA tools on the market that streamlines complicated tasks through the reading of unstructured data allowing complete control of end-to-end business operations by a reduced workforce. Your skilled IT worker can automate a large portion of the business using a simple, web-based management system.


Pega Openspan

An award-winning total automation solution across multiple business platforms. Advance the potency of your workforce by combing objects between applications to replace manual tasks. This powerful tool is versatile enough to allow your IT workers to institute and create custom applications through a simple dashboard.

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“The experienced team at DigiOps was fantastic! They took the time to really get to know our company’s needs and found new tools that have saved us so much money over the long term. We cannot recommend them more for businesses of every size looking to grow without hiring more and more employees.”
Judith Langela
Pharmacy IT Manager
“I had already learned about using RPA in our back end from a buddy in the field but had no idea how much time it was going to save my support staff. Our customer reviews and word-of-mouth marketing have skyrocketed since working with DigiOps! Great Company!”
Lisa Fontaine
Production & Logistics
“We have a large workforce and didn’t want to lose anyone as our business grew due to lack of training. If it wasn’t for the help from DigiOps in finding replacement RPA software, we would have had to cut staff because of retraining costs. Thank you for helping keep our team together!”
Seth Grondin
Luxury Hospital Services

Got a Question? We've got answers.

RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation. It involves using software “bots” that mimic the tasks performed by your human workforce through a unique blend of technology and rule-based algorithms. It is being widely implemented across multiple industries and is now considered to be the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

RPA drastically reduces the operating costs of any business and is flexible enough to adapt to most “normal” business systems. It eliminates common errors from a human workforce and allows your company to have greater control over the data and resource management to improve your customer relations.

The total upfront cost of implementing new RPA tools into your business will vary depending on factors such as process complexity and current operation analysis. However, on average, your business should expect a range of $4,000 to $15,000 for one bot. While this may seem high for an upfront expense, the long-term ROI is more than worth the initial costs.

RPA and scripting/macros are similar in that they automate tasks, but RPA is far more powerful. They allow for the full integration of processes across multiple IT systems at the UI level. That kind of helpful governance and control is not possible with simple macros.

Every business is different and required unique needs-based solutions. We generally quote 4-8 weeks for a simple to a medium complex process solution and 10 weeks or more for more comprehensive solutions. We will be happy to discover your time constraints during our free consultation.

Not at all. We encourage you to have your current staff running your RPA bots because they will understand the subtle nuances of your individual company.

Not at all. The majority of businesses across the globe is smaller in size and can drastically benefit from the use of RPA to reduce costs and streamline operations.

We understand the need to be sensitive to your employee’s concerns that automating your business processes will take away their jobs. In reality, RPA is all about people. In the 2017 Randstad Employer Brand Research survey, a majority (45%) of respondents think that automation will make their job better. People will gladly use tools that make their work easier to manage, especially if they are paid roughly the same wage as before.

RPA technology reduces your cost overhead while improving your efficient use of resources and customer relations. In a world of growing business technology, it only makes sense to embrace newer competitive advantages so you can rise to the top of your industry faster and more reliably.

The easiest way to begin your company’s digital transformation through the use of RPA tools and technology is to reach out to us and receive a free consultation. Our experienced team will review your company’s individual needs and find an RPA solution that best fits.